An island showcasing spectacular volcanic landscapes, Milos is known as “the island of colors”, mainly because of its colorful rock formations, and their wonderful contrast with the cerulean waters of the Aegean. Milos lies at the southernmost part of the Cyclades island complex, boasting a magnificent coastline that counts more than 100 exotic beaches.

The recurrent volcanic eruptions that took place in Milos, millions of years ago, shaped its morphology as we know it today: an island in the shape of a horse-shoe, dotted with dazzling-white and copper-red cliffs, a land rich in rocks, minerals, and metals, sandy beaches lapped by turquoise waters, and extraordinary underwater caves. Sarakiniko, Kleftiko, Fyriplaka, Paleochori, Tsigrado and Pollonia are just a few seafront gems in Milos you must visit and see for yourselves the unrivaled beauty of this island.

Milos also offers a wide range of activities for every style and preference, from sailing and cruising to windsurfing and diving, and from kayaking and mountain biking to hiking and wine tasting — whatever you choose to do here, be prepared to experience a once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

And if you happen to be a wine lover or a gastronomy enthusiast (or both), you are in for a treat; the flavors of Milos, and Pollonia in particular, offer an exquisite wine and dine experience that will excite your palates and awaken your senses!

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